We Know it can be difficult to be a new kid at a new school.

Each year, well over a hundred new students join the Woodson community as their families move into the area from locations across the globe, or as they transfer from another local school. The Woodson Parent, Teacher and Student Organization (PTSO) and the Woodson school staff are committed to making a difference for new students and their families as they transition into our school. Currently there are two “newcomer” programs.

The Student-2-Student at Woodson Program provides student ambassadors to give tours for new students, find new classrooms, answer questions, and generally help students adjust to their new school environment.  This can involve inviting new students to school functions such as sporting events or other non-academic activities.  This student group also meets as a club after school, with a faculty sponsor.  They prepared a useful handout that covers essentials for student technology connections at Woodson, tailored for the needs of new students.  Click here for that handout.


For the parents or guardians, the PTSO Welcome-to-Woodson Program operates an outreach to welcome new families with initial personal contacts on an individual basis.  In addition, group informational meetings or networking activities are scheduled for new families periodically throughout the year, beginning with a session just before school starts in late August/early September.  Once scheduled, these meetings are listed on the school calendar and announced in the weekly school messages called “WeMail.” This parent team has prepared a handout entitled 10 IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW IF YOU ARE NEW TO WOODSON. Click here for that handout.

Links for information that is especially good for New Families:



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