Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year

PTSO Meets on Mondays!

Next Meeting: October 3, 2016

PTSO Meetings will usually be held on the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm in the Woodson Library.

Please plan on joining us!


Advertising Space Available in the Upcoming Student Directory

Woodson PTSO is offering local businesses the opportunity to advertise in our school directory. This is great opportunity to get continuous exposure for your business, not only throughout the school year, but for the longevity of the directory. The school directory is a necessary tool to communicate with Woodson families and staff members, and the PTSO is hoping that through your sponsorship in advertising, your business will reach a whole new community of contacts! Pricing is as follows:

  • Business Card size $50
  • Quarter page ad $75
  • 1/2 page horizontal or vertical $150
  • Full page ad $250

The submission deadline is Friday, September 30. We will need your camera ready art to be in PDF or JPEG format. Please email your PDF or JPEG file to Meri Farling at merifarling@hotmail.com. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Meri Farling at merifarling@hotmail.com.

Next @ PTSO

We are committed to providing and sharing programs and information to help parents, teachers and students navigate high school and beyond. The wide range of issues includes but is not limited to: coping with stress; homework resources; suicide prevention; drug use, addition and overdose; and underage drinking. More information on the various organizations can be found under the PARENT RESOURCES tab on this website. Click on the hyperlinked titles below for detail information on the upcoming workshops, meetings, and movies:

Mark your calendars for PTSO Meetings, 2016-2017:

  • September 12
  • October 3
  • November 14
  • December 5
  • January 30 (January and February PTSO meeting, combined)
  • March 6
  • April 3
  • May 1
  • June 5

Volunteers Needed

Coordinator: Stacey Brahmey
Email: Volunteer@WoodsonPTSO.org

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Woodson! The Library, Hospitality Committee, Teacher Hospitality, Grants Committee, Career Center, Cavalier Cruise, and much more.
Four critical PTSO positions need to be filled soon; please consider volunteering for one of these positions:

  1. Special Ed Liaison
  2. Vp2—Fundraising
Please take a moment to click on the button below to signup online, or download the volunteer form to review, complete and return to Woodson’s Front Office. We appreciate any time you can contribute. You will be part of truly making a difference for the students, staff, and families at W.T.Woodson

Click Here to Download Printable Form


Mock ACT/SAT Exams - College Entrance Exam Prep

Coordinator: VACANT

The PTSO “mock” exam program offers full-length ACT and SAT exams to help prepare Woodson students take these college entrance exams. Although the mock exams are full-length “real” tests, the scores are not official, not reported to The College Board/ACT or any college, and should not be confused with the official PSAT, ACT, and SAT exams offered throughout the school year. (For information on official PSAT and SAT, visit Collegeboard.org; for ACT, visit ACT.org—and for information on both, visit the Woodson Career Center at http://www.fcps.edu/woodsonhs/sservices/career/cc_general.html.

This year, the mock exams will again be administered by mindworks educational services; two different versions of ACT and SAT will be administered.

  1. Fall Practice Exams–Saturday, 11/13, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Cafeterias A & B
  2. Fall Score Review Session– Wednesday, 12/7 at 7:00 p.m. in Cav Hall.
  3. Winter Practice Exams– TBD once coordinator is found
  4. Fall Score Review Session– TBD once coordinator is found

The Woodson PTSO is excited about pairing with mindworks to offer this program for our students; benefits include self-scoring (students can get their scores the same day as the test!) and a variety of test-prep options, including online small-group courses for both the SAT and ACT.

Please note that the mock ACT and SAT exam program is geared primarily to sophomores and juniors, although younger students are welcome to register.

More information will be available at Cav Kick-Off, Back-to-School Night, posted on the PTSO website, and included in WeMail.



WeMail Submission Guidelines

Editor: Kim Waxman
Email: WoodsonWEMail@WoodsonPTSO.org

The Woodson WeMail is the PTSO’s weekly email that provides information relevant to the upcoming week. This may include immediate opportunities and activities at the school, sports highlights, Booster/Club info, and much more. Our goal is to distribute the weekly WeMail every Monday afternoon; if Monday is a holiday, expect to see the WeMail the following Tuesday afternoon.

The PTSO is committed to providing the Woodson community with an inclusive weekly email (WeMail) covering topics of interest to Woodson students, parents, and staff. To achieve our goal and make the weekly task of putting together the WeMail manageable for our volunteer editor, we ask everyone who submits something to be posted in the WeMail to follow these basic guidelines:

  • The goal is to provide a submission that the editor can copy and paste into the body of the WeMail. Use Arial 12-point font whenever possible. Consider that the KIT system we use to send the WeMail can’t handle some formatting features or any images, so make your entry as simple as possible.
  • Try to keep submissions to no more than 150 words. Tip: Include the basics and link to more information if it exists elsewhere on the Web.
  • Include the exact date(s) you want the item to appear in the WeMail. (All dates should fall on a Monday!) When no date is provided, the submission will run the Monday after it is received.  If Monday is a school holiday, it will run on a Tuesday.
  • Do not submit too far in advance. Aim for one or two weeks prior to an event (or the date an action is due).
  • All submissions must be made by 5pm on the Friday prior to Monday’s publication. Submit your entry to woodsonWEMail@woodsonptso.org as early as possible but not before the previous WeMail goes out. For example, when you want something to be published in the September 12 WeMail, submit the entry between September 7th and September 9th.Your submission will be emailed to the WeMail editor, who combines all submissions into one consolidated message.
  • In the submission email subject line, include “WEMAIL” and give a brief description of what the submission contains (e.g., “Sophomore Class News”).

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions, email the WeMail Editor at woodsonWEMail@woodsonptso.org.


2016 - 2017 PTSO Grant Applications

Coordinator: Shawn Guth
Email: Grants@WoodsonPTSO.org

PTSO GRANTS that support projects, activities, and programs for students and teachers. Last year, the dues paid by PTSO members and parent donations helped us award $6,000+ to support the Arts, Music, Athletics, Library and Academic programs at Woodson including guest speakers, the Stress-Less-Laugh-More Program, Teacher/Staff Hospitality events and much more.

More information, including 2016 and 2017 grant applications and deadlines for Grant Proposals will be coming soon.


Student Driver Car Magnets

Coordinator: Cathy Swanton
Email: DriverMagnets@WoodsonPTSO.org

Did you know? Virginia requires students to complete 45 hours of behind-the-wheel driving with a “qualified” driver before they can obtain a license. For your peace of mind and for those around you: Woodson’s PTSO offers highly visible yellow & black “STUDENT DRIVER” car magnets to post on all sides (driver’s door, passenger door, front & rear) of the vehicle your student drives. You’ll appreciate the added awareness of other drivers to your student’s driving trials and tribulations. You can find these popular car magnets to purchase at major school events or in the Woodson front office.

Cost: $8 each or 3 for $20  (Compare to the online price of $14.95 each, plus shipping)

Get them now so you are prepared for when your student starts driving!


Engraved Bricks

Coordinator: Linda Vasquez
Email: Bricks@woodsonptso.org

The Woodson PTSO sells engraved bricks to raise money to help fund various beautification projects at the school. The brick courtyard in front of the School, between the main entrance and the auditorium, still has plenty of room for bricks for you to remember your special student.

Individual brick cost: $100

Engraved bricks will be intermixed with regular paver bricks. And, they make great graduation presents for your Seniors!

Download The Brick Order Form Here



Coordinator: Linda Vasquez
Email: Lfvasquez88@gmail.com

Beginning this year, the PTSO will no longer be participating in the SCRIP gift card fundraising program.  However, we still have an inventory of gift cards that we would like to sell.  Please help us out by purchasing what we have left!  The following are the cards still in our inventory as of the end of September, 2016:

$200 of Shoppers, $25 or $100 Safeway, $25 Bath & BodyWorks, $25 or $10 Barnes & Noble, $10 Dominos, ITunes $15 or $25, $25 JC Penney’s, 2-$25 Red Lobster/Olive Garden, 1-$50 Subway card, 2-$25 Ross, 1-$25 Kohl’s

Our remaining gift cards will be on sale during Cav Kickoff, Back to School Night, at PTSO meetings and during other school-wide events until they are gone.  Please help us raise money by depleting this inventory! 



Frost-Woodson Special Services

Coordinator: VACANT

Frost-Woodson Special Services is a parent-student-teacher interest group, affiliated with both the Woodson PTSO and the Frost PTA, whose goal is to provide information and support to students receiving special education services and their families. Special education services comprise a range of supports, most typically delivered via an individualized education program (IEP) or Section 504 (accommodations) plan. As students progress through secondary education, and when planning for the transition to postsecondary life, our group provides essential assistance in helping identify resources and information. In addition to maintaining a Yahoo! group listserv, we work with parents and teachers at Woodson and its “feeder” schools to present special-interest programs and ensure families have easy access to information and services.

During the last school year, we hosted a successful parent program on transitions (elementary to middle, middle to high school), designed to help parents support their students in each different environment.  Our listserv featured postings or messages about local conferences, workshops, and webinars for teachers, parents, and students; tips on preparing for school-year and summer transitions; self-advocacy training for students; and links to county, state, and federal resources, disability law, and news stories about students with disabilities, special education demographics, and postsecondary possibilities.

Our listserv files grew to include articles on ADHD and learning disabilities, parent resources, College Board/ACT testing accommodations, postsecondary transition, and material geared to help student self-determination and self-advocacy.

Membership in the Yahoo! group listserv is confidential; postings are public; files are accessible to members only. Visit the listserv at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WoodsonSpecEd to view representative postings or to join the listserv.

The PTSO really wishes we had someone to take this very meaningful position.  Please contact Raquel Bishop at president@woodsonptso.org with any questions.


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